Dont’ dance it down boys

(vulnerability and it’s carrier)
The glaziers carry cut glass panes from the transporter to the destination. This transfer moment is when the glass is most susceptible to breakage. Any movement can break it. At the moment of transfer, an aura of vulnerability also overcomes the carrier. They themselves stagger along the narrow path between injury to themselves and to the glass. The moving glass catches thousands of mirror images unharmed by this danger zone, beautifully in love with itself and repels them again at the same time. The series don’t dance it down boys is a collaborative work w/ Jakub Hosek and Louis Danjou. It has been presented at Clovis XV in Brussels in 2017 together with the three dancers Jessica Van Cauteren, Francesca Casrvallo and Julia Faerberdata.

More information:

Year of production: 2017
Materials: glass, water color, engravings, acrylic objects by Jakub Hosek, silicon
Images by: Jeschkelanger