The 24-hour exhibition Jörmungandr Hybraxxx with international artists collectives on the theme ‚Live‘ took place in an industrial hall on the premises of the project space Le Wonder in Paris. For Empty_glass 03, a massive hole was made in the wall of the hall to reach the 24-hour blazing fire for the earth ovens. From there, continuously glowing coal was pushed under two earth furnaces in steel tubs. In the first 20 hours, the food wrapped in linen cloths and pumpkin fruit and stuffed under the hot earth was processed. When the desired doneness was reached, the food was portioned and served on round glass panes by Jeschkelanger to all the artists involved in the exhibition.

Empty_glass is a symposia format focusing on the encounter between Jeschkelanger, the chef Hayk Seirig and invited guests. During the time spent together at the glass table, a multi-course menu is served directly on the glass, with each course overlapping. The conversations and gestures merge into a shared experience. The guests do not know each other and form a temporary community at the table. The glass panel left behind is consulted as an equal protocol. Every guest, no matter how silent, is visible through their position and gestures on the glass plate. The entire group also generates a life sound through contact microphones attached directly to the glass. The sounds of the guests' interaction with the glass flow into a live set of the experimental sound artist Metaboman. With empty_glass, Jeschkelanger searches for the shape of Contact Zones that can manifest themselves upon the materiality of glass.

buffet with food cooked in earth ovens:
1 boar, pumpkin varieties, red & white cabbage, kohlrabie, radish, beetroot, carrot, onion, walnut

Location: Le Wonder, Paris
Date: 26.05.2018 - 24h performance
Number of guests: 75
Outfits: Jeschkelanger in cooperation with Marei Rei
Protocols: 3 glass panes
Images by: Michael Depasquale, Jeschkelanger, Marian Luft, Paul Philipp Heinze