For empty_glass 04 the format of the symposium retreats into the private space. In a Berlin apartment, Jeschkelanger and Hayk Seirig invite visitors to a Salon. The thematic starting point is the escalating housing policy in Berlin. For empty_glass 04 the renaissance lute player Max Hattwich and the baritone Jonathan Boudevin was invited to comment on each stage of the menu with a baroque courtly song.

Empty_glass is a symposia format focusing on the encounter between Jeschkelanger, the chef Hayk Seirig and invited guests. During the time spent together at the glass table, a multi-course menu is served directly on the glass, with each course overlapping. The conversations and gestures merge into a shared experience. The guests do not know each other and form a temporary community at the table. The glass panel left behind is consulted as an equal protocol. Every guest, no matter how silent, is visible through their position and gestures on the glass plate. The entire group also generates a life sound through contact microphones attached directly to the glass. The sounds of the guests' interaction with the glass flow into a live set of the experimental sound artist Metaboman. With empty_glass, Jeschkelanger searches for the shape of Contact Zones that can manifest themselves upon the materiality of glass.

Stage 1: endless cucumber hair, stabbed stained egg, want tans filled with crab, coal dressing
Stage 2: quince, sauce hollandaise, grass crumbles, crisps of beetroot
Stage 3: rose-shallot-tarte with dark chocolate, truffles
Stage 4: lemon granite, salt flakes, honey- and cinnamon scent directly trickled on the wrists of the guests

Date of empty_glass: 25.01.2019
Number of guests: 18
Invitation text by: Marie Du Pasquier
Materials protocols: Glass, menu from empty_glass 04, colored engravings
Images by: Hannes Greve, Jan Brockhaus, Jeschkelanger