Trick me in two totos

(the ambivalent beauty of working together)
Domestic glass tabletops derived from private households build the groundwork of this series. Colour fields based on watercolor, construction materials such as silicon and toilet paper have been attached from both sides to create Jeschkelangers’ equal Contact Zones. Both sides are visible at the same time and allow front and back to merge into one surface. The irregular framework includes dangerous shards of glass. The series Trick me in two totos was developed especially for the gallery space Display in Berlin as working desks to be used by the staff.
‘Trick me in two totos’ is the very first series made by Jeschkelanger, demonstrating the approach of the two individual artistic practices that constitute the duo: the painter Anja Langer and sculptress Marie Jeschke. Through this series, they define their ongoing research into Contact Zones.

More information:

Year of production: 2017 & 2019
Materials: glass, toilet paper, ceramic plate, silicon, ink, watercolor, paint
Images by: Jan Brockhaus, Alicja Kielan, AB - Display