Washing Chambers

For the Others, Jeschkelanger appropriate and transform two small rooms of the former hospital Regina Maria Adelaide in an immersive trip into their meeting point, the base material: glass. This slick medium, double face, with its never-ending transparency - an element like water or air, an in-between - allows them to manipulate it and play with its surface and all its overlaying possibilities. The admission rooms of the hospital, the entry point of a place that hosts capital moments of the existence as well as daily life essential needs, intensify the idea of a passage from a space to another, from a stage to another; somewhere in between an extreme intimate vulnerability and anonymity. This old front desk space and its counter window become here the display of a site-specific video- and glass installation. Immerged in water, the two artists are touching and moving a glass plate at the edge of the surface: sometimes deeper underwater, sometimes approaching the air. This surface line keeps the sequenced moving images together and converts the medium glass into a liquid open source material.
In the background of the glass reservoir, new experimental totos – from their ongoing series of small format glassworks – are slightly enlighten and coated in a tactile and fluid composition. Collected and protected, the specimens complete the framed spectacle at the crossroad between a nocturne diorama, an aquarium and a bathroom period room, as a nod to the artists’ interest for these weird chambers where wet and dry meet in everyday life.

Text: Marie DuPasquier

Video: Washing chambers

Year of production: 2017
Materials: video projection, glass, fur, towel, towel holder, polystrene
Images by: Jeschkelanger, Jan Brockhaus